Monday, October 24, 2005

A quick question to anybody who knows about these things. Steve suggested that it may be possible to do a ten minute podcast each week of life in China (is this because my friends don't want to read the waffle I write? probably). Anyway, this seems like an interesting idea. I've had a look around and it is possible to do on blogspot but only using something called audioblogger. To use this however, it is necessary to have a US phone number. If anyone knows any way around this, please either e-mail me or make a comment.

I've now set up skype so should be able to chat to anyone else who has it. Tomorrow I've got to buy a webcam so again, if anyone knows of a good, cheap webcam, please advise me as I'm going into this one in the dark.

So I have the first few pictures from Saturday night, hopefully more to follow but this will do for a start (these ones are from Kim, may thanks).

Nota and Martijn:

Alex and Faye:

Kim and Kate:

Kate, myself and Kim. Kate appeared to find it physically impossible to keep her eyes open by this point so some cunning doctoring has gone on here. Steve no doubt will be impressed with my computer graphics prowess (Steve incidentally I hope you're feeling much better). I appear to be a pleasant shade of grey, which is pretty much how I was feeling by this point:


Anonymous said...

Logitech Cams are good. Both myself and my colleague have one. I'd get one of them I would. Pay about £25.


Unknown said...

Yep, bought them today. They seem pretty good. All up and working now. Hopefully next broadcast will be from Beijing.

Anonymous said...

This comes recommended