Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It's been three years or so since my last post. It would be cliche to talk of all that has changed, but perhaps the more crucial aspects surround what has remained the same. Ironically, the changes have often been associated with the realisation of themes and patterns which recur again and again...perhaps it is simply the spotting of these patterns which leads to potential growth, though growth often feels like a multi-directional random walk, where over time you get further from where you started, but the directions only proliferate as you find more corners to turn down. The perpendicular nature of Euclidean dimensions is itself probably illusory as here, directions may curve back on themselves and become a lost corridor which you had previously explored and long since left behind, with dust hiding your former footsteps...but the motes still floating reminds you that you've been here before and that there are mistakes still to learn from what may be a narrow and uncomfortable passageway. So perhaps it is all some giant torus, and the trick is counting the closed cycles and trying to find ones which are enjoyable to go around, rather than trying to escape from them all, which is probably futile.

A cycle which recurs is hidden truth, or perhaps, more accurately the hiding of truth...it may be deeper than the hiding of truth from the map as the map-maker himself may be unaware of what is resistance/compromise/expectation/honesty/pain/frustration or joy in a given journey. Google Maps has to go back to the matrix to find any reality hidden within the neurons, and maybe the reality has been erased long ago...'safe passage', or 'dead end' being all that is left...where in fact it may not be a dead end at all, and the paralysis that ensues would be eased with only the simplest of secret code words being divulged...I don't like that...there is a better way...can you do this for me?

This is not to be read as deep or meaningful, but really as a little gush of words, to ease the fingers into writing some more, which I hope to do. This is a deep breath and a stretch after a long long sleep...