Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm currently testing the radioblogging idea so bear with me. The blog may get a little distorted for a while...

So a little code butchering aside, I've now got radioblogger onto the blog. I am however linking to another persons music page as I have to host the mp3s myself. I'll now try and find a way that I can upload my own audio files.

Feeling seriously relieved today. Had a bit of a scare yesterday with the teeth and thought that I may have to have some more serious surgery. This kept me up most of the night worrying how I was going to fit in all the last minute things I need to do before heading off.

Again, this is not for the squeemish, no, really:

During the tooth extraction, at one point I heard a loud crack but figured this was just par for the course and didn't mention it. Since last monday talking and eating have been pretty painful and I went back to the dentist yesterday to see if it should still be this bad. He didn't seem too worried so said that I should just come back on Friday to have the stitches out. However, getting home yesterday evening I could barely eat anything so felt at the back of my mouth and what should I find but a piece of bone sticking out of the inside of my jaw...nice! This sharp little nugget had been pointing out and sticking into my tongue every time I moved it. Anyway, went back to the dentists again today and he cut the bit of bone out. Much relieved now and in a lot less pain. I think the bone had just splintered when he was drilling and pierced the skin. What fun. This explains why talking on Saturday was far from easy. Anyway, all good now, can get back to admin tasks.

Have now set up a webcam and purchased all the Skype hardware so I'm ready to chat from Beijing.

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Anonymous said...

Not the first time you've had a bone in your mouth.....