Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not for the squeemish:
Lying here recuperating from the teeth extraction which was more traumatic than expected. Last time was fine and so I went in not feeling too nervous. Injections are not pleasant but bareable and the first tooth popped out in about ten minutes. The second one took an hour and a quarter of full on dentist vs. jaw action. This included the use of many drills (and the taste of burning tooth), several scalpels, many other tools that I don't know the names of, and a large pair of pliers. Anyway, after much struggling and me accidentally swallowing a small swab, the bugger shifted along with a bit of bone! So I'm now lying back, not allowed to eat solids until Thursday feeling somewhat sorry for myself.
So apart from that, there's now a great deal of organising to be done. Thanks to, I presume Mr Inman, I've downloaded i-tunes and a great teach yourself mandarin podcast. I've only done the first couple of lessons but they seem very useful and repetitive, which is great. All being well, I'm off to Swansea tomorrow to see my aunt, uncle and cousins which should be great. I was hoping to spend today with them as well but due to the overly exhausting tooth extraction, this didn't work out. Anyway, hopefully I should have photos from Swansea soon.

The other interesting thing today was watching channel four this morning where there was a documentary about Truck records started largely by PC, from my year at Abingdon. PC featured heavily and it was an interesting look into the goings on of the company. The Truck festival has been getting consistently rave reviews and is often listed in top five summer festivals to go to. I have, and I admit this with much guilt, never made it to a Truck festival as I've been doing something else every summer since it started. I will make it someday I promise (just not for another two years).

An amusing piece of news this morning was that the grand opening of the Spinakker tower in Portsmouth, six years late and 19 million over budget started out in true style when a council boss got stuck in the lift when it jammed 33ft off the ground. Well it's publicity if nothing else.

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