Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Having spent a couple of weeks at home going stir crazy, I'm finally back in the office in Southampton. Though noisier and with more distractions, I'm finally getting round to the work that I should have been doing over the last week. Though now without my room, it's also good to be back at my old house on Highfield lane with Martijn and Alex.

Everyone is telling me not to worry about the viva though the point of information today that it will be two to two and half hours of grilling didn't help my anxieties very much. At least most of my gaps in understanding seem to be closing and hopefully there shouldn't be too many major holes by Thursday.

Space for another photo and as I'm back at Highfield lane, this is at least slightly relevent. I haven't mentioned this one to the landlord but a little experiment into the difference between flambeing with regular rum bought in England and 80% proof rum bought in Jamaica soon became apparent when cooking pancakes. Eyebrows are still intact, just.


Anonymous said...

May I be the first person to e-congratulate you, on a Friday lunch break, via. the medium of blog posting and with the seamless use of all twenty-six letters of the alphabet (no joke), for becoming a fully-qualified Doctor of errrrrrrrPhysics!


Unknown said...

Many thanks. Reg would be proud!