Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wudaokou deluge

I know Britain is having a pretty hard time of it at the moment with so much rain, but, at least from the point of being drenched, if not flooded, I can sympathise. I took this photo while sheltering under a bridge in Wudaokou. We're having hot, muggy days (often about 90% humidity) at the moment with frequent rain or storms in the afternoon. The storms can be a lot of fun but the rain is just getting tedious.
Wudaokout rain


Anonymous said...


Love the cone snail clip. Also great snaps of the Beijing skyline by night - which building were you on top of? A couple of interesting things from my end. Firstly, a good article from the Guardian:

Secondly, here's something you should submit a photo or two for:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the extremely interesting links.

The next round is hidden and I'm not sure I've anything suitable for that. If you spot anything, please let me know. I'm not very objective about my own photos.

Chat soon,


Unknown said...

I was on top of the building right next to my flat. I'd never ventured in there before but it's a stunning view.