Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Space race

Things are just a bit crazy at the moment and I've little time to blog, consequently there are many things I'd like to blog about but have no time. I'm still thoroughly enjoying the lectures at the complex systems summer school particularly those this week by James Glazier on computational modelling of embryonic development. Ideas of cellular automata are racing around and I'd love time to play, but current research won't allow. Still, it's great to get some perspective on such diverse fields.

I was going to give a full review of Transformers but I'm afraid it doesn't deserve such time or effort. There are some fun effects but most of the fighting between big robots was so fast that it was all a blur (perhaps I'm just getting too old). Anyway, the robot sentiments were cringe worthy as were the mistakes regarding the Beagle 2 mission to Mars, the two lead human actors and...well, that's enough for me not to have enjoyed any more than the first 20 minutes or so. Every time it was mentioned that China may have been to blame for the strange goings on the sound was turned off which did amuse me but that was perhaps the biggest smile I got from the whole thing.

Anyway, I noticed this today which is worth a look, a set of photographs of humans in funny clothes orbiting the Earth. Some stunning views of true isolation, though with Big Brother - if not Mother - Earth looming behind, the perspective is a strange one.

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