Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random computations

There's an amazing looking summer school going on here at the moment. Run by Chaotic Soliloquy's Dave Feldman, the Complex Systems Summer School is about as diverse as any I've ever seen. Though I'm not officially attending I'll try and pop along to some of the lectures. There are lectures on genetic algorithms, the origins of life, Chinese characters, anthropology, molecular biology and lots more. I'll report when I've been to some, hopefully beginning tomorrow.

For now I'll leave you with Nicholas Negroponte's 'One Laptop per Child' talk from TED 2006:

and a photo I took a couple of days back of perhaps the most blatantly dubbed concert I've ever come across. I was just passing and didn't stay for the bad Chinese pop which I could feel was about to descend:


Sr Cuervo said...
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Sr Cuervo said...

Hi, Im curious about how the chinese concert was hehe. I had heard of the one laptop per child project but hadnt really heard of what it really was, its a nice idea. I just sent an email to the president of Mexico so that hopefully Mexico becomes part of the project.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Good work. I don't remember now though I did look on the OTPL website and there are many countries already involved. If you hear more I would love to know.

All the best, J