Sunday, April 15, 2007

artWALK Beijing

Next Saturday (21st of April) will see the second of Beijing's artWALK events which will be going back to the Dashanzi art district (see here for my first impressions of Dashanzi). This will include tours of several galleries, a chance to meet and talk with some of the movers and shakers of the Beijing contemporary art scene and a lot more besides. The website currently hasn't got so much information but I received the following after e-mailing for more details:

  • artWALK Beijing has invited the following 798 Dashanzi art district venues to participate on Saturday, April 21st : 798 Beijing Art Place, Anni Art, Dimensions Art Center, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art I & III, Marella Gallery, Red Gate/798 Gallery and Star Gallery. As part of its monthly lecture series in conjunction with artWALK, Timezone 8 Editions will also host a discussion with owner Robert Bernell, who will talk about the history of the 798 art district.
  • During artWALK there will be a few local acting troupes doing improve and outdoor theater. The cocktail reception will once again be at Yan Club although we're looking for new entertainment (the lovely Syndicate DJ's will be at a reggae gig that night over in Zub which would be great to go to as an after-artWALK party).
  • As always we're looking for volunteers (email elyse @ and are constantly improving our website artWALK beijing is a non-profit organization and runs on the donations and goodwill. We will be selling tee shirts at the April artWALK as a way of getting better funding, so (and sorry, I have to do my plug here) tell your friends. One of the t-shirt designs is the tiananmen picture you see when you visit, another is a robot design. There will be a total of five more artwalks after the April one. Three will be at 798 but two will move off location to farther locals such as the winery and caocangdi. We're looking to get shuttles for those trips as they are rather off the beaten path.
This looks like fun to me so if you're in Beijing and fancy coming along to see what's happening in one of the most vibrant art areas I've ever been to then pop along.

I've been told that the event will start around 6pm, though I haven't found any confirmation of this. I will be going earlier to wonder around some other galleries so anyone who wants to come along too and doesn't know Dashanzi should send me an e-mail.

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