Monday, April 16, 2007

As we expected

There have been a couple of recent experiments which are definitely worth a more complete blog post which is in progress, but has to wait for now.

First of all,
MiniBooNE returned the result which many expected that there is no need for sterile neutrinos. This neutrino oscillation experiment receiving a neutrino beam from a collider has falsified the data from LSND which part of the collaboration claimed gave evidence for sterile neutrinos. From what I understand the LSND group was so split on the evidence that two papers were written disagreeing with one another. Anyway, there are good posts about this at these various locations

Secondly another interesting experiment with unfortunately unexciting results has tested frame-dragging, as predicted by general relativity and showed that it holds to within 1% of the predicted results and within half an error bar of the experiments resolution (See here and here for discussions).

While I'm posting up a few links I'll add Strange Maps as a worthy visit if cartographic curia is your bag. It appears to be mine and there are plenty of surprising and intriguing bits of trivia to be picked up from this site.

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