Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grease Monkey tips

I was in the office very early this morning and thought I'd try and fix a few pet gripes with the internet which have been bothering me for a while. When this is the case, Grease Monkey usually has an answer.

Grease Monkey is an add on to Firefox which allows users to write scripts which alter how a webpage looks and acts. As a simple example, if you don't like the Google background being white you can write a script which takes the source for the google page and turns the white to any colour you like. This is a trivial example and what is most helpful is that many people have already written a plethora of codes which you download and are automatically integrated into Firefox, via the Grease Monkey addon.

I still use Hotmail, purely for historical reason, and the advertising banner which takes up roughly half the screen is both an eyesore and inconvenient for viewing e-mails. Use the Windows Live ad remover to get rid of this and fill your screen with e-mails again.

I've been very impressed with Flickr since starting to use it a few months ago. One of the common complaints however is that viewing photos on a white background isn't the best way to get the most out of them. This addon to change the background colour does the trick though it leaves a few residual ugly spots.

The LaTeX for blogger script is another nice one, especially if you are using a blog for your collaborations, which I know try and do.

Hope this is of use and if others find particularly useful scripts then please let me know.

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Ebolamonkey said...

adblocker+ for Firefox.