Saturday, August 01, 2009

Arranged marriage in Jinan park

No time for extended essays at the moment but I'll try and put up a photo or two each day for the next week or so from my recent travels. The rest of my time is being taken up with catching up with three ongoing projects plus applications which continue to feed on time and energy.

We'll start at the beginning in Shanghai and Jinan park, home of the loudest cicadas I've ever heard, a rather fine bar on the lotus covered lake, an English corner run by an extremely enthusiastic Mr Paganini (adopted name), a swarm of dragonflies in plague-like quantities, but most importantly of all matchmaker's corner. Here parents come to find suitable partners for their children. The pieces of paper you see here are advertisments from desperate parents with all the information one needs to get rid of a child who just won't leave the nest.

Match making in the park
In fact if it weren't for such artificial marriage arrangements, this place would a fine place for a romantic stroll
Shanghai blooming
More tomorrow

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Edwood Hardwood said...

Bit alarmed there, thought you might have gone for an arranged marriage yourself. Hope your travels are treating you well Choc, bon voyage!