Friday, April 03, 2009

22 degree solar halo + circumscribed halo over Santiago de Compostela

As promised, photos of the solar halo over Santiago earlier today. The sun was up at around 52 degrees and in fact there was a faint circumsribed halo around the 22 degree halo. This could only be made out faintly with the naked eye, but with a bit of post-processing is quite detectable on screen.

Anyway, these were my photos from today. First, a shot using a circular polarising filter to bring out the contrast:

22 degree solar halo over Santiago
Second, without the polarising filter, a little earlier one could see the circumscribed halo faintly:

and thirdly with some strong post processing, the cicumsribed halo is strongly visible:
circumscribed halo distortion
Again, people walking nearby could see me pointing up to the sky with a camera, and didn't wonder what I was looking at. I do find human beings who are supposed to be curious animals to be so tied up in their own little worlds and uninterested in the phenomena around them. I did at least manage to get a couple of people to see it who seemed happy at the distraction.

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