Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update attempt

No time to write much at the moment, working hard on a current problem which isn't giving me any chance to get to the beach which is five minutes walk from the institute. Perhaps this afternoon. We've been having some great lectures which I just can't justify writing up, given the work that needs to be done, but Andy Strominger is always inspiring and his lectures here have been no exception. Anyway, for now I can just post a couple of photos. One more from Paris (without solar halo) and one from the first night here as I was walking back home.

Eiffel Tower new view
moon on the water

Unlikely to have much of a chance to write anything for the time being, but for now, all is good in Cargese.


Benjamin said...

Hi Jon,

What a delightfully colourful record of your travel adventures and interests this blog has become!

You are taking some really sumptuous photographs these days. Well done with the solar halo above the Eiffel Tower.

Fascinating to read about Couchsurfing too. Have fun in Munich, Beijing, Mallorca etc

:) Benjamin

Unknown said...

Hey Ben, many thanks for the comments. The blog has changed and mutated over time, and ideally it would be fun if I had a bit more time for it, but I certainly can't complain...still having adventures!