Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was reluctant to post any details about my summer plans before everything was finalised. In particular, getting my visa for China ended up being a lot more trouble than expected and I've received it with not long to spare.

Having just come back from the Hard Probes '08 conference (more on that later, I hope), I'm making my way to Cargese in Corsica for a 12 day summer school with the likes of Myers, Strominger, Son, Banks, Arkani-Hamed, Randall, and many others which I'm hugely looking forward to. It'll be good to catch up with some participants who I've met at previous conferences and see what they've been upto in the last couple of years.

Unfortunately in order to get to and from Corsica I need to take a total of six flights, which take me through Paris, so I figured I'd take the weekend there. So, this Friday my travels start for real. Between now and August, the following Itinerary is set-up:

Friday - head to Paris on the way to Cargese, back on the 28th of June.
Head to Munich to give a talk and speak with some researchers who are doing work along similar lines to myself before heading to Beijing on July 9th.
Three weeks in Beijing discussing a possible future program at the KITPC and doing research with former colleagues.
Head to South Korea at the beginning of August where I will be giving a series of talks and working with some researchers at an institute in Seoul.
Back to Spain via Hong Kong and the UK at the end of August.

Beijing-Seoul-Hong Kong-London-Santiago!

In total I should be giving nine or ten seminars, taking 14 flights, stopping off in twelve cities in six countries to speak to a good number of researchers (before heading to give a seminar in Portugal in September) and hopefully actually getting some good work done.

It'll be a pity to be away from Santiago for the summer but I hope with Skype set up I should be able to keep in good contact with the people I'm currently working with here. Anyway, with not many days left in the city before the end of August there are quite a few things to get in order, including some calculations which really should be finished by Friday.


Luca said...

Nice traveling plans!
I went to Cargèse two years ago and it was a lot of fun. You guys will have a private beach, and talks/lectures are organized so to let everybody enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean sea.
Good luck with your talks! And I'm looking forward for some amazing pictures.

Anonymous said...


Shall we set plans for an August weekend? Are you able to make your way to London at all or shall we come in an oxford direction. Becky and I have a spare room with a bed that should fit you if you go for the diagonal.

Anonymous said...

Also biscuit, when are you in Beijing? There is a very slim chance I can get out there for work when you're out there but it's more likely to be october time.