Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beijing jugglers

Through a series of rather strange coincidences and lucky geography I ended up having dinner with a Couchsurfer who was in Beijing for a couple of days last night. We chatted AI, computer science (his major) and traveling stories and then headed to a local bar for a quite drink outside. Both he and I are jugglers and I mentioned that somewhere within a couple of miles of where we were there was supposed to be a juggling club, though I knew no more details. As luck would have it, it was just 20 yards from the bar we were sat and so as soon as we saw clubs flying we escaped the rather quiet crowd to go and spend some time throwing things, catching things and (in my case more frequently) dropping things.

Having never joined a juggling club my progress has been rather slow and solitary. I've struggled to master five ball juggling for a few years now but within a few minutes of being at the club, one of the members pointed out a key fault and I doubled my catch rate almost immediately. With jugglers there looking confident with four clubs and doing lots of passing tricks I hope to come again and learn more from this friendly group. If anyone else wants to come along then lookup the Google group here.
juggling 3
juggling 1

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Anonymous said...

good to see you're playing with balls again biscuit. I must admit, I've pretty much stopped now.