Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hints, tips, and pointers

It transpires that the Flickr problems from yesterday were Yahoo-wide, which temporarily became unavailable out here. It's back on again but we'll see what happens over the next few days.


I discovered a nice speed-up for Acroread which seems interminably slow these days. It turns out that when you load Acroread there are dozens of plugins which load up automatically. Most of these are completely unnecessary for every-day use. There are three or four vital plugins. If you download Adobe Reader Speedup and run the small setup program, most of the plugins will be disabled and Acroread will load in a fraction of the time and waste less space.


I've just received the proofs for a magazine article about, emm, me! It's a strange one and I'll post it up here once it's been published.


An interesting paper today on a subject I've been flirting with for a while. I'll just point it out here and hope to discuss it in more detail when I've the time.

Erdmenger, Ghoroku and Kirsch: Holographic heavy-light mesons from non-Abelian DBI. Some interesting looking results but it'll take me a while to go through everything.


Anonymous said...

Interested to see this article on you Biscuit. On another note, your photos are really coming along. Browsing your Flickr site, 'Red Dress' is a great snap. What on earth's going on here though?

Unknown said...

Hope the article amused. It will be released to the rest of the world in the not too distant future.

Thanks for the photo comments. The man in the photo is just laying some cable. It was a quick, slight of hand snap so a little blurry, countered by a bit of sepia, always a winner.

Anonymous said...

Is this article of an education publication? I know some of those, they are very interesting.

Unknown said...

The article is for a Beijing expat magazine called Beijing City Weekender. I'll reveal all later.

Unknown said...

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