Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On the move

I have my sister and uncle out here in Beijing at the moment (complete with puppets and parachutes - photos may follow) which means that I'm working in the day and seeing them in the evenings, hence no extended blogging time. Beijing has opened its skies today and the plans to see the Forbidden City have probably been washed away.

Last weekend was very enjoyable, meeting up with fellow blogger, Michael, to celebrate the release of his book 'The Pisco Kid' - sounds intriguing. We dined at Houhai which is a lovely area to come on a summer evening and steal a relaxed few hours.

A couple of photos from the weekend, but that's all I have time for now - work to be finishing.

Houhai lake, click to zoom in larger:
Houhai Panorama
The Houhai hutongs:
Houhai hutong 3
and this photo of Vela as she was pensively staring out of the window in between English lessons:
Distant memories
Lots more on the photo site...


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you and Vela the other night, Jonathan. Sorry I wasn't able to talk to you as much as I'd hoped. You and Vela should get together with Nancy and I soon. Some great pictures you took, by the way.

Will be in touch.


Anonymous said...

Shockolate. Just saw your photos of Tsinghua observatory on your flickr site and they made me laugh. I'll be 28 soon and still have the mental age of a 13yr old...

Anonymous said...

Biscuit - word from Foster. She touches down at 1:15pm your time on Wednesday 23rd. That will be all.

Unknown said...

Hi Michael,

Absolutely, we'll sort that out.

TL, You have just about ceased to amaze me.

PT, Many thanks for the go-between.

Anonymous said...

So I'm still just about amazing you?? Good

Unknown said...


You are, I'm sure, about more than amazing me. Your multi-facets allow a multitude of sins.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you actually knew the biscuit, and had travelled with him, you would know that he had one in 1998 on a world trip with myself. It barely covered his nads and had all the absorbancy of a haddock's pocket. Your products, to coin a phrase, are crap.

Unknown said...

TL, I couldn't have put it better myself, thank you.