Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Auto blog-rolling

There's a new toy to the left of the blog which I'm giving a test-drive. I was contacted by Criteo to see if I would like to use this product which they've developed for blogs.

The information they gave me on this auto blog-rolling tool is:

What's it all about?

AutoRoll is the blogroll of your readers. It's a widget that displays links to the blogs that your readers are visiting the most often.

How does it work?
We trace the number of visits of each unique reader on each blog that has installed AutoRoll. The more often a reader visits a specific blog, the greater his affinity is with this blog.

What are the benefits for you?
First of all, you will provide your readers with a very entertaining blogroll since it's based on other readers with similar reading habits. Moreover, you will attract highly qualified incoming traffic to your blog. Indeed, as other similar blogs display your blog on their AutoRoll, they will feed you with new readers that have a strong affinity for your blog.

Sounds clever so I'll see if it's useful. I guess it will take some time to collect data about the readers of this blog.


Benjamin said...

Interesting. It does sound clever and I think there is a need within the 'blogosphere' for communities to exchange members and people to move about more in terms of the blogs they read. So something like this looks good. But just having a look I picked three sites, they loaded very badly (too many adverts for my 2 yr old PC) and nothing grabbed my attention. Cool idea, though. Maybe run with it.

Jaime said...

It works . . . It sent someone to my site. Check it out. Blogs Are For Wusses

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Of course it's difficult for me to tell, but I think that the system is still getting information. I don't recoginse any of the blogs on the list as blogs that I have visited, but I may just not know the readership of this blog very well. Currently there are only about 3000 blogs with this installed, so I think it will take a lot more to get reliable statistics.

Hi Jaime,

Pleased to hear that it's of use already!