Saturday, October 30, 2010

Three weeks in and extremely loud on the Eastern front

Blogging has been on the tips of my fingers for the last three weeks but time simply hasn't allowed. There's a critical point where the number of blogworthy events becomes so high that there's no time to blog about them as you're too busy doing them, and helping to run this conference while attending lectures, writing papers, organising lecture visits and showing people the wonders of Beijing has kicked us way into the criticical region. We've had some fantastic lectures and some wonderful evenings and now, three weeks into this eight week program, I'm feeling very happy with how it's going, even if I'm pretty exhausted. The highlight, in addition to meeting up with some old time collaborators and starting a load of new projects has been having the chance to show good friends around a city which I feel very comfortable in, and to see their impressions of China change from a scary, exotic unknown, to an exciting, inspiring place with so much to offer (we've seen everything from hardcore Beijing punk, to tango in the park, to Sichuan face changing, to kungfu in the early mornings to traditional singing in Tian Tan, and so much more).

So, given so little time (about to head out for another meal) I thought I'd update with a few photos from the 7D, which I'm extremely pleased with so far.

From the Forbidden city:

forbidden city
kid in the forbidden city

and Tiananmen. I love the little doll she's holding limply as the guards march by:
From Tian Tan, on a very smoggy day:
and a close up in Tian Tan:
Sculpture in Tian Tan
and the soju bottles at the end of an evening in a Korean bar in Wudaokou:
all in a row

There are a few more here, and plenty more to come.

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odioblog said...

I can see you are having a great time in China, I am glad for you. Your pictures are amazing, specially the one with the little girl looking at the soldiers. Thanks for your offer to help me with the maths, right now is important because all of my colleges from the office should pass the test before December, so I have to spend all my time through out the week studying and doing exercises, I fell like I am in school again...but I am enjoying! and is good to have some time out of the office.
Hope everything is going well.