Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arrival of spring

After what seems like unending months of rain, including hurricanes which have brought much distruction to the area, the sun has finally begun to push itself through the murky gloom of Atlantic weather fronts. The last few days have been sunny with a brisk chill, but today brought the first true rays of warmth to Santiago. I was supposed to have a Couchsurfer come to stay for the weekend, but in the end her plans changed. She had a little time in the morning before she had to leave the city so she came round to chat for a couple of hours. The flat was still in disarray after a hotpot meal I'd cooked last night for seven friends though the bulk of the cleaning had been finished before bed.

Anyway, with only a fleetingly short time to see the city we headed for the Alameda in the glorious morning sunshine and took a stroll roll to the point which I believe gives the most glorious view of the city. I took the opportunity to get a panorama of the basking buildings (click for much, much larger):

 Santiago from the Alameda
I've been working like crazy for the last few weeks, finishing most nights at around 2 am, and this was the first time in far too long where I could simply stop, for a few minutes, close my eyes and take in the warmth of Santiago. It was a wonderful, if brief, respite, and as we walked around the park and chatted I really did find myself winding down.

She then headed off for her future adventures and I returned to my routine once again - cafe, work and a few odds and ends of shopping to stop my flat falling apart.

Anyway, I've just about finished work for today and tomorrow holds some rather exciting adventures  which I'll write about in the evening, all being well. For now, I hope that the weather is as good where you are as it has been here.


Luca said...

Here. Tomorrow. ~100% chances of snow. Again.
Here the approaching spring means temperatures not lower than -7C. During the day it even goes above freezing temperature!

It seems you're rather close to submission or at least to start writing up. That's great! Looking forward for your name on spires :)

Jonathan Shock said...

Well, in my experience you're never close to writing up until after the fact. We'll see though, keep an eye out.