Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monte Pindo redux

This week has just been a little too busy for my liking, though with a visit from a researcher from Madrid who is working in a very similar area, it has been pretty productive too. I've only made it to the library at night a couple of times and next week I head off to a meeting in Gijon, so my schedule is going to have to be on hold until I return, at which point I hope that the pile of papers waiting to be read won't have multiplied too many times.

Anyway, I just got an e-mail from a Couchsurfing friend to say that the video he made on the day that a dozen of us went for a walk up Monte Pindo, on the stunning Galician coastline, has just been uploaded to youtube. The video captures beautifully the serenity of the scenes (though it misses our frantic scramble down in the dark!) - it also has a rather tranquil scene of me in photography mode creating this panorama (although I may simply be the greatest blot on the landscape in my movie history). Anyway, with many thanks to Voyta for these great memories of a day when we managed to get away from it all!

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