Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Spain

Update: Safely back in Santiago after a very long night with an hour sleep split between the coach, the airport departure lounge and the airplane seat. Not in a fit state for clear thought right now but will have a good night's sleep tonight and hopefully get back into the swing of things tomorrow.


Tonight I'll be making my way back home to Santiago. The journey is a long and tedious one as I have to get to a rather awkwardly placed airport for an 8am flight. I'll be leaving home at 12.30 tonight for a 1am bus which will get me to the airport at 4, where I'll hang around until the two hour flight back home at 8. The journey door to door is roughly the same as door to door Oxford to Beijing, but I am looking forward to settling back into 'normality'.

Getting back to Santiago I have a couple of big projects to get on with, including arranging a long program for 2010 and three papers which are, as normal, in the pipeline.

For now I'll get on with packing up for the journey tonight and will get back to you when I'm settled back into Santiago.

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