Sunday, November 16, 2008

From Monte Pindo

As we were driving back from Monte Pindo yesterday evening there were some stunning optical effects, not least the reflection of Venus on the sea, making a beam of light leading from the horizon to the shore. Sadly we couldn't stop to get a photo of this. The moon was also just rising as we were going to leave, and as it started to poke above the hill tops there was a magical moment as a wind turbine filled most of the face of the moon. If I had time I would go back to the same spot just to get this image. It was truly stunning!


Luca said...

The picture of boardwalk is one of your best (if I may say). It's a beautiful black & white.

Jonathan Shock said...

Thanks Luca, the comment is much appreciated! It was immediately eye-catching and the simplicity of it pleases me too.

Jonathan said...

Good pictures. Sounds like a fun trip. Hope you enjoyed yourself.