Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update, overflow and conjunction

Things are just a little too busy at the moment (hence taking five minutes out to write this!). The atmospheric optics talk is taking a little longer to get right than I'd hoped, having not given a pop-science/photography/flashy images talk for many years. On top of this I'm writing up a conference proceedings, tidying up two papers and working on two other projects simultaneously. I also have to think seriously about a talk I'll be giving before Christmas at a meeting in Madrid. Spanish lessons are on hold this week and I'm not even managing to get to my Spanish exchange. I do however have a temporary housemate who is in between flats with whom I can practice Chinese and Spanish and is currently cooking up a feast while I plug away at mathematica.

And before I forget, at the beginning of December, look out in the early night sky for a fantastic conjunction between Jupiter, Venus and the crescent moon

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