Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cloud shadow over Seoul

This week has already been very busy, with many many hours of interesting, fruitful discussions with the researchers here. There are many people in the various universities here working in my area, so this is a very enjoyable time. Yesterday I also gave my first talk here, which seemed to go fine, Wednesday I give another but apart from that I already have some new calculations to try.

In the meantime, after a late night last night, beginning with watching the truly incredible opening ceremony for the Olympics, I got up today and headed to Changgyeongung, one of the many temple complexes in the city. Most of the temples were destroyed at some point in the last 500 years, and this is no exception, though there are remnants left from the 17th century. The complex includes a very nice wooded area which I spent some time walking through. There are various photos from this, but the main pic I wanted to upload now was from a wonderful cloud shadow that appeared over the complex when I arrived. This was the strongest cloud shadow I've seen and the sun beams which I have in separate photographs were truly stunning. (You may see a clipped version of the picture, so click it to see the whole thing).
cloud shadow

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