Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back in Santiago

I'm currently more tired than I've been for a long long time, but I'm also home, and although the summer has been useful/interesting/exciting in equal measure, to be back in my own flat is a good feeling. I arrived back into Santiago this morning after a 5.30 start in Stansted. This on top of the 48+ hours I went without sleep on the way from Seoul to the UK means I'm on the verge of collapse.

However, life goes on and I'll be heading back into the department tomorrow to catch up with everyone and to restart things which have been on hold while I've been away (for this I'm currently feeling rather guilty, as I didn't manage to keep juggling things from afar as well as I'd hoped). I'm not expecting a day of great brainwaves tomorrow, as I guess it's going to be another few days until I've recharged my batteries completely. Food needs to be bought, bills need to be paid, the flat needs a thorough dusting, Spanish lessons need to be restarted, and life has to be generally settled back into.

In three weeks I have to go to Portugal for a couple of days to give a talk in Porto, but I believe I don't have any other travel priorities before Christmas, which is a rather comforting thought.

Anyway, for now I'll be settling back into life here with plenty to be getting on with, so I'll simply update here as seems appropriate.


Anonymous said...

i've been lurking and following your travels around the world from shanghai for a while... and now you're going to porto, my hometown :)

be sure to try a francesinha (hard to explain but delicious dish)!

Unknown said...

Hi Ana,

I'll keep an eye out for it. Though from what I understand from Portuguese food, it's likely to give me a heart attack on the spot! I tried tocino del cielo a while back which was stunning, though about two weeks worth of calories per spoonful.

Anonymous said...

Jon, dont worry about the work. Its a sad truth that in science you always have more work piled up than time to do it, so never mind :-) Rene

Unknown said...

Hi Rene, that's very true indeed. It's difficult to prioritise when there are so many interesting projects!