Sunday, May 04, 2008

All the fun of the fair

The coincidence this year of May Day and Ascension day has brought a bumper load of celebrations to Santiago. I had four couchsurfers staying on Thursday night, Mayday night, and we headed out to the old town at around 10 pm for dinner. The crowds were huge and the events going on around the city, varied, from Celtic music (there are strong links between Galician and Celtic culture) to puppet shows and traditional feasts!

The Alameda, the large park in the centre of the city, from which you get perhaps the best view of the Cathedral (I much prefer it from afar), is currently home to a large fair, with all the candy flossy goodness that you get with such things in the UK. I headed back to the fair yesterday evening and took advantage of the lightshow to get a few pictures.

church and big wheel.jpg
Click for larger versions, plus more to follow when time allows.

Anyway, in general things are very very busy at the moment. We're trying desperately to get the current paper finished and I have another three projects waiting for my attention once this is done! Plans for the summer with plenty of travel adventures being set up. Currently things are getting organised for a summer school, a workshop, and at least seven talks in four other countries plus new collaborations in the mix. Should be enjoyable!

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