Saturday, May 17, 2008

New beginnings

After an exhausting couple of hours yesterday evening we finally uploaded our latest paper to the ArXiv. After two and a half hours of struggling we realised that the class we were using for our LaTeX document wouldn't allow references to equations within captions to figures and
finally we sent it off. The project has taken longer than we'd hoped because the problem we were trying to solve turned out to need a lot of computational time. At some points we were running five computers with our code for several days at a time, only to realise that the region of parameter space we were studying be improved. Anyway, all done now and another project is already starting. This last one has been very enjoyable though, if frustrating at times!

Today I'm off to the wedding of my Spanish teacher and one of my colleagues in Ourense, a city some 100 km from Santiago. My first Galician wedding promises a wealth of seafood and some fine celebration. I'll endeavor to bring back some decent photos. Anyway, for this weekend at least I'm going to relax, practice some Spanish this evening and get back to it on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

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