Friday, August 17, 2007

Max Roach 1924-2007

I just read the sad news that Max Roach died yesterday. Max was one of the most influential jazz drummers of the last century.

Although most seem to claim that Kind of Blue is the best jazz album of all time, I have a definite soft spot for Money Jungle, from Blue Note Records, on which Max created a spectacular album with Charlie Mingus and Duke Ellington.

If you're either a fan of jazz and don't know this great album (I've met several people who passed it off because they figured Duke Ellington was purely big band) or if you haven't heard much, take today to listen to this stunning record. If you know it already, sit back, listen and remember some of the amazing records this guy produced. (M+D, you'll find the album in my collection, do put it on).

Max with Billy Harper, Cecil Bridgewater, Reggie Workman, enjoy.



Anonymous said...

WKCR Radio in New York is broadcasting a 5-day tribute to Max, hosted by the knowledgeable Phil Schaap. It has already started and will last until Wed. night (eastern time). It might even be on 24 hours/day. You can listen to the stream, as I am, just follow the 'listen now' link on the WKCR homepage.

Anonymous said...

I miscounted, the broadcast actually began Thurs morning, so it lasts a full week and is really continuous. I wonder what happens when Phil needs to sleep. Maybe they re-run part of the day's broadcast late at night?

Anyway, definitely tune in. Max's recordings are being played in chronological order, btw.

Luca said...

Not jazz-related, but did you hear Julius Wess pass away?

Unknown said...

Hi Matt, that's wonderful to know, thank you for the information. I'll certainly be tuning in over the next few days. It seems to be pretty hard to connect, for obvious reasons.

Hi Luca,

I did hear this sad news. Anyone working in theoretical physics should know what a huge contribution Julius made to the subject. It would be good to collate and explain some of these contributions to those not in the sciences too.