Monday, August 27, 2007

Google having hiccups in China

Things are very busy at the moment, still with a paper on its final stages along with various other responsibilities I'm involved with.

However, today there seems to be major problems with Google, here in Beijing at least. I can't open, or Google Reader. This is the biggest block I've seen for a long while and with wikipedia being blocked again last week it seems that somethings up. I'm currently writing this in blogger using the phproxy add on, which is a savior for fast, easy viewing when you don't want the trouble of using Tor.

Anyway, if anyone else knows more details about this then please let pass on any information!


Anonymous said...

google and google reader are working in shanghai - something about your network?


Unknown said...

Hi Ana,

It seems to have been Beijing wide and just for half an hour or so during the day. All is back to 'normal'.