Thursday, August 16, 2007

I managed to catch about 3 hours sleep on the train from Wuhan last night, so I'm not very with it today. I've finished a couple of calculations but need to call it a day now. Anything else I do is likely to take even longer to undo.

The workshop in Wuhan was good. Just as the previous quark matter workshops I've spoken at, it's really nice to have an audience who are listening to your lecture because they want to learn and use what you're talking about. The people with a background in RHIC physics are really keen to get in there and use the new tools available to them to study more about the different phases of strongly coupled systems. Of course it's also good to speak with the researchers there and there were a couple over from the States too.

I didn't get to see a great deal of Wuhan this time either. We got to the gate of the famous Yellow Crane Temple but it had shut by the time we got there. I have a rant about Chinese ancient architecture which has been brewing for a while, but I'll save it for a time when I'm rather more awake.

From the closed temple we made our way through a night market, selling all manner of tat, and got to the banks of the Yangtzi river. Wuhan has the first bridge which was built over the Yangtzi, and I managed to get a few photos of the rather pleasing lights and shadows of this impressive piece of 50 year old Russian engineering. I'll leave you with the photos for now and go get some sleep.
The first bridge over the Yangtzi, Wuhan
The first bridge over the Yangtzi, Wuhan
The first bridge over the Yangtzi, Wuhan
Larger photos can be seen by clicking on these.


Benjamin said...

Looks like you're having fun with the new camera. The photos here and at Youkan are very striking images.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben, Still experimenting a lot and there are plenty of shots which are thrown out. Slowly getting more of the shots that I'm trying for, but still plenty to learn. I'm tempted by using photoshop but I think it takes quite a bit of time and effort to be able to use it properly.

Hope all is well with you,


Anonymous said...

Nice snaps and I enjoyed the hypercube stuff too. As ever, your blog lead me off on a merry litte wander about the web.

On an unrelated note, saw this on the Beeb. I doubt Chinese news sources are reporting it:

Unknown said...

Hi TR,

Glad to hear you had some fun wandering.

Yes, news spreads fast. I had heard about this and am not at all surprised, the pollution is still terrible (115, where above 25 is not good and 200 you definitely shouldn't go out). I've not seen anyone wearing masks here unless they are already ill.

Anyway, thanks for the link