Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photo blog roundup take 2

Due to my inability to understand the commands in the Chinese version of blogger I can't move the blog post which I saved a few days ago and only just published. For some photos of my round Britain tour, see the post two or three down the page entitled Photo blog roundup.


SB said...

I added a comment in your post on Juan Rulfo. Don't forget to write back.

Unknown said...

Hi Adrian,

Thank you very much for the lovely comments and insightful information on Rulfo. I shall keep up my quest for more South and Central American literature and see what I stumble upon.

For those who haven't been there, Adrian's blog is mostly Spanish with the odd post in English, containing some superb black and white photography. See November sixth posting for a wonderful Rulfoesque piece of prose.

Well worth a look around.

All the best,


SB said...

Well, sometimes I write in English, but that only happens when I post some Rulfo-like photographs.
You may learn Spanish by reading my friends' blogs. Most of them write in English quite often and pretty well.
Thanks for the comment. I'll add your blog to my links soon.

Luca said...

Hope you're going to have your laptop back soon ... I'm sort of starting to miss your almost daily posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luca, me too! It's a real pain having to spend my timne wandering around to find a free computer. Shouldn't be long now though.



Anonymous said...

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