Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Interesting Developments

Big news: Blogspot seems to be viewable in China at the moment! I haven't seen any official notices about this but it's an interesting development. I'd also like to know whether it's only the computers that I'm using or this is a nation-wide unblocking. Any info would be gratefully received. Other sites such as BBC news and wikipedia are still blocked.

Working on this Chinese computer all the commands are in Chinese. I hadn't thought about it before but the Chinese version of blogger (which has always been available) has no spell-check function - I apologise for any confusement corzed.


The talk yesterday seemed to go pretty well with several interesting questions from the professors and students. 15 minutes introducing the AdS/CFT correspondence plus my current research is not an easy task but people seemed to nod along and not off which seems a positive response.

Next week I have to fly down to Wuhan in Hubei province (about two hours flight) to give two hours on the AdS/CFT correspondence as an introduction to a group who are interesting in quark-gluon plasmas. Should be fun.

For now, as I haven't got my own computer and I'm temporarilly usurped from my office I have some time, in between filling out claims forms and starting to supervise students, to sit in the library and catch up on some reading. Photo blog to come soon I hope but that will have to wait for a day or so.


Anonymous said...

Glad to head the talk went well Biscuit. You should email your iPod story to Apple. Great advertisement for the sturdiness of the things. You might get something for your trouble...

Unknown said...

Cheers CK, a genuine compliment is always worth the trouble so, yes, a fine idea.

John Baez said...

I can see your blog from here in Shanghai!

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Blogspot seems to have become viewable here but hotmail is having some serious problems (probably due to Passport). Unfortunately I'm having difficulty logging on as myself to leave comments, so you'll just have to believe that I am who I say I am for now.

All the best,

Jon (really, I promise)