Friday, September 23, 2005

Wow.....I didn't know how stressed I was until the weight was taken from my shoulders. I e-mailed my finished copies of my thesis to my two examiners and took three copies to the binders. Had a beer, came home and juggled for a while and then went out in the evening.

Orange rooms was busy but good friends there. I could hardly stop smiling and felt like I was free for the first time in about three months. I thought that it wasn't affecting me much but it must have been more subconscious than I'd guessed. Anyway, some great music, a few drinks and dancing for the first time in months. Wonderful....Then got home and got some rather nice news online. All good.

Slept in and listened to desert island disks. Leasurely breakfast followed by a trip into town to spend money on great DVDs including The General (Buster Keaton) and Don't look now, which is likely to scare the pants off me. Then sat in a cafe with a large cappucino and almost finished the Iliad which is getting better having had a fairly dull and repetitive middle part. Achilles is now back in the picture and Hector is about to get it.

Looking forward to a weekend in Leamington Spa catching up with friends I haven't seen for a good few months. Adam and Tim, your presence will be sorely missed.

Am attempting to arrange Mandarin lessons for October in Oxford though I've got lots of other work to do as well. Enough for now.

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