Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First day in Munich

Well, apart from 11 hours in the office spending lots of time chatting physics, I was witness to a partial solar eclipse, a 22 degree solar halo, an upper tangent arc and a circumzenithal arc. I only have the first three on camera, but I can promise that the fourth was spectacular. Most of the time the solar halo was completely behind clouds this morning, but I was able to get this one shot. Not the greatest shot ever (and NOTHING compared to this), but still:

Partial solar eclipse
and a half hour later, the cirrus clouds came in and I had a ten minute slot of this wonderful 22 degree halo and upper tangent arc:
upper tangent arc and 22 degree halo
Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any reflection of the halo in the window on the right, which could be related to the polarisation of the reflected light, and the surface of the window.

When going for lunch later, the Cheshire Cat halo was out, but my camera was not. Still, not bad for the first day in Munich!

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