Thursday, April 15, 2010

African adventure, part III

Ok, we're almost there with the photos from Kruger, though I've got the shots from a night trip to go. Tonight, again I don't have so much time so I'm just going to post the photos with the most basic of text.

The last two days in Kruger we stayed in lower Sabie and spent our time driving around the Southern parts of the park (though only a small fraction of the possible routes).

One of the highlights of the whole trip was to find two pairs of giraffes play-fighting. As they stood next to one another they would take it in turns to hit the other with their heads, their necks swinging round mallet fashion. Occasionally they would appear to get tangled up and the dance that ensued was rather elegant to watch.

One of the fighting pairs:

giraffe pair 2
not so aggressive!
giraffe pair 1
taking a break, pushmepullyou style:
pushmepullyou giraffe style
and the other pair, going for it:
giraffe play 1
Just along the road from this we saw some rutting impala:
impala rutting
Impala are absolutely everywhere in the park, but even when you've seen tens of thousands they are still remarkably beautiful to watch in action:
imapala leaping
impala on the lookout
OK, hopefully the last day from Kruger tomorrow and then I'll update on the craziest day of the journey, through the border controls and into Mozambique.

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