Tuesday, December 08, 2009

and quickly...

I wanted to post a photo of a little project I started after my friends in Santiago gave me a photo printer for my birthday a while back.

My flat is covered with my photos, but most of them are of the inanimate, so I thought I'd start a wall of portraits I've taken over the last couple of years. This wall will grow, with time, but for now I'm just setting up bordered sets of photos, some of which have something to do with their proximate pair, and some of which do not. Just a bit of fun for now, but it's nice to have a few familiar faces around the house:

Wall photos
The one photo of me (middle right) was taken by Toomanytribbles in Athens mid camera swap.

Click for a closer look.

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yumi said...

Hey Jon, it is a really nice work! The prints are really great...Keep it up! ;-)