Friday, April 11, 2008


I feel rather guilty about writing at the moment as there's just a bit too much else on. All in a good way. We're hoping to wrap up a paper soon and I have a couple more projects now on the go and plans for work/travel over the summer shaping up. My now daily Spanish exchange seems to be helping, though there are the usual ups and downs with learning a language.

Anyway, I'll write more when I have time, but at least I can try and keep up the posts with a few photos. These are from a few weeks back on a trip to Fisterra on the Coast of Death!

Galician coast copy
and on the same trip, on the road back we came across this rather idyllic scene:
autumn winter bridge

Couchsurfers coming again this weekend but I'll have to be a rather silent host, with my head firmly in the books.

NB. Previous posts where I referred to La Coruna should be read as A Coruna, the correct Galician spelling (modulo Spanish characters). Hat tip to Daniel.

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