Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sidney Coleman's QFT lecture course now online!

I'd heard talk that Sidney Coleman's legendary lecture course had been recorded, back in the 70s, and there was rumour that it had even been transfered to DVD, but the idea that it would ever come to light seemed somewhat distant.

Well, as pointed out by Clifford Johnson, the films are now available for everyone. There's a childish excitement in me wanting to watch these legendary films froim a man whose expository writing was second to none. So, I'll leave you with the link, and go and start watching!

P.S If you want to watch them offline, you need Firefox and the unplug plugin.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Jonathan! 1st lecture is already being downloaded (thanks for pointing out the potentially very useful plugin!) :-]

Just this morning, I was checking out some notes of Coleman. What a coincidence!

The "childish excitement" is shared likewise! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the information, Jon! BTW: Getting the stream link with Unplug and then doing then download with a download accelerator (I use DAP) makes the download much faster.


Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me of the notes. It's actually much better to go through the lectures with notes on the screen at the same time.

Hi Rene, I would probably advise Downloadthemall, which is a nice firefox plugin and freeware, whereas DAP is rather intrusive and covered in annoying adverts.

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