Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am legend alternative ending + our alternative ending

Update 19th March: The video can still be found here. It's been taken down most other places.

Phil at The Bad Astronomy blog has posted a link to the alternative ending for I Am Legend, which has to be a good thing, as the ending spoilt what was actually a pretty reasonable Hollywood movie (something which is pretty rare these days). There were religious elements to the ending which were simply unnecessary and you were left wondering why they'd bothered. The new ending replaces religion with love, which makes it cheesy but substantially better than the original. Note that the movie is a zombie movie, so watch it if you're into this kind of thing.

Something which is far, far more terrifying than any zombie movie is the idea of the galactic police having itchy trigger fingers and their taser pointed directly at us. Well this may be the case and if the gamma ray burster were to let loose on us, we'd be in a whole lot of trouble. Could be quite a fireworks display! Again, a link from BAblog


Unknown said...

I've found here the “I Am Legend” alternate ending which is available and working. This video is no longer available on youtube due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros, BayTSP

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