Friday, November 02, 2007

Memories of Lijiang

I'm almost a week in and I've now got most of the administrative bothers out of the way. In fact, thanks to a lot of help from those around me it has been almost entirely painless - give or take a medical exam which is to come on Monday.

I'm now officially a number in the Spanish system which means that I can get contracts/bank accounts/mobile phones etc. without too much problem.

Monday evening I start Spanish lessons, but even before this the work is piling on as I try and catch up with the couple of weeks I took off. The brain is slowly getting back in gear but I'm currently a little overwhelmed with different projects which all need my immediate attention.

It's now around midnight and the work I'm trying to do is not getting anywhere so I'm going to call it a day. I thought I'd post a few photos from Lijiang, in Yunnan where I happened to be for one of the traditional Chinese festivals. I can no longer find any information on the web about this (some time around the middle of November this year) but this day one could see all the old people of the town walking around with roses, chatting with each other in the old town square. Those not talking with others were sitting around, some thinking of lost ones and some remembering good times, by the looks on their faces:

old woman with rose copy

Plenty of work to be getting on with this weekend but I plan on getting some photos before settling down in a cafe.

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