Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New horizons

Work is winding down as I finish off some odds and ends (all nonetheless important) and I try and work out how much I am going to be ripped off by as I send my books to Spain by ship. Packing up of the flat is currently consisting of friends coming round to relieve me of the piles of DVDs and books which I won't be taking with me. Somehow I need to find an extra zero in the British Airways baggage allowance.

I head off on Sunday to Couchsurf in Chengdu and then go straight to Jiuzhaigou to hike for a few days. I've just bought myself a prime lens (Canon 50mm f/1.8 II) to get me some fine pictures in the dawn and dusk, along with a relatively cheap tripod (I've no large telephoto lens to worry about stabilising) and a remote control.
Midi festival cameraman
(Taken at the 2007 Midi festival, Beijing)

(Trivia - Kubrick's Barry Lyndon uses a NASA built f/0.7 lens for the candlelit scenes - perhaps the largest aperture lens used in film history.)


Lapa said...
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James said...

Hi Jon, nice to hear you've got your hands on a "Nifty". It's a great little lens --- very sharp, good colours. I look forward to seeing some really shallow DoF in your Flickr photostream!

Unknown said...

Yep, they're on their way :-)