Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A melodious tip

First of all a tip for anyone coming to Kyoto. Japanese cash machines generally do not accept foreign cards. I've spent the last three weeks hunting for one which will, to no avail. However, scouting around on the web, the most convenient one can be found just outside Kyoto station in the basement of the building below Kyoto tower (very easy to spot). This is a niche tip perhaps but it may come in useful for some weary traveler.

On Saturday, on the way back from the station I spent some time wondering in and out of buildings, cafes and areas which looked interesting. I was drawn to the mildly cacophonous sounds emanating from what looked to be an old scrapyard. I carefully peaked inside to have a look and was met with the surreal sight of musicians, dotted around randomly, playing their various wind instruments, standing between the mangled bikes, scrap metal and garbage blowing around the ground. It seemed to be some piece of conceptual art, though when I found someone to ask I was told that they were university students and this was simply the best place for them to practice. Somehow the strange contrast was rather relaxing and I stayed for a while listening to the practice and sneaking in a few shots.

Tuba practice:
Tuba practice
and trombone practice:
trombone practice
Looking back now, I probably should have found a chair and stayed longer. Enjoyable in its rather eccentric way.


Benjamin said...

That looks and sounds lovely. There's a lot happening at JTA lately. Thanks for the email.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shock---

To be fair, that is actually a French horn, not a tuba.

Hope all is well in China---

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Yes, strange but lovely.

I figured I try and experiment with content a little, having played with the visuals.

Hi Tex,

You're quite right, in which case the euphonium photo is also of a french horn, so to speak.

Yeah, all is good in China. Hope you're well.


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