Sunday, February 18, 2007

LaTeX in Blogger!

This may be old news to some, but it's pretty big news for me.

I've just downloaded a script which runs on Greasemonkey under Firefox. It means that I should be able to use LaTeX on Blogger, so here goes:

Well, frankly that's about as marvelous as it could possibly be. May this man be praised! Read here for the instructions, it should take about 2 minutes to set up as long as you have the above programs. If you don't have Firefox, then I would highly advise it anyway, and Greasemonkey is pretty useful if you want to tweak the way Firefox looks.

Let's try something marginally more complicated.

You simply write in the main editing window in LaTex and then press the button which is implemented from the Greasemonkey script, and there it is!

This shouldn't make me as happy as it does, wow!

Unfortunately the implementation is within the blogger scripting, so you won't be able to comment in LaTeX as far as I can gather.


Unknown said...

I'll add my own comment that this uses Mimetex. As far as I know there are no security issues, as it's compiled externally, but if anyone knows otherwise, then please pipe up.


Anonymous said...

You worry me sometimes Biscuit...

Unknown said...

Hi FC.

I expected such a comment from you. I just feel sorry that you cannot appreciate such things.

Hope you've had a good celebratory weekend.

Chat soon,


Unknown said...

I see that Lubos posted a similar article here
about mimetex with a slightly different implementation. It seems the rendering is a little better now and I would highly recommend this for anyone using blogger for a research blog.