Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stringy Plans

The String school is winding down now and it's certainly been the most beneficial school I've attended yet. I'll explain why in a post at some time when I'm not running around chasing my own tail. A few photos on Li Miao's blog of the lecturers and students.

Visitor numbers have shot up since Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong linked to the article I wrote below. No questions yet but I hope that it may be useful for some people.

The lecture timetable for Strings '06 is now online and it looks like a great list of speakers and subjects to my semi-trained eye.

Off-physics there's a short but interesting article about the hoped return to China's former cyclecentric nature. There are currently a million or so drivers in Beijing which is only around 20% of the possible volume. Looking at the current situation on the roads this is a pretty scary thought.

Right, tails to chase kappa symmetries to understand...


Luca said...

Hey Jon,
about Strings06 do you know whether the video/audio/slides of talks given at the conference will be online? Last year the organizers put audio+slides of talks given in Toronto online as soon as they're having them and it was extremely helpful!

Unknown said...

Hi Luca, I'll ask those in the know and get back to you with an answer ASAP.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Biscuit! Long time no post. I'm now thoroughly up to speed with the blog. It really is a great read. At my end, self-employment is working out really well and, on my odd day off, I've been reacquaiting myself with some of the further reaches of the web. Some interesting (albeit fairly techy) stuff to share - will pass on by email soon.

Unknown said...


Good news indeed! Yes, when you have a few spare minutes I'm always happy to hear some techie rantings.

Chat soon,