Monday, June 26, 2006

Strings 06 powerpoint and pdf

Most of the slide files from Strings 06 are now online and can be found at this location.


Anonymous said...

Having not read your blog for a week due to job change, I finally got around to coming to your site to catch up on what I've missed. After a quick look over the past five postings, it appears to be nothing.
When are you coming back to Blighty for your hols?

Unknown said...

Hope the job change has all gone smoothly. Apologies to non-string theorists that these posts have become a little one-tracked recently. I'll be back in the UK from around the 18th of July for a couple of weeks though how much holiday I will have is still up for debate. Spending a couple of days in London is high on my list of priorities, I may even pay you a visit if your domestic duties allow.

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

That would be most excellent Biscuit. You beard isn't welcome inside though, it can sleep in a hutch outside.

Job change is all good. Will try and catch up on MSN at the weekend if you're around. Don't want to install it here just yet....