Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sorry, and finally for tonight, I found this classified in a local paper, it's an alternative approach to finding the perfect partner:

Tracing boy toy, clean, cute and hot, working and living richly in here, casual date if reply. Over 35, under 175 and passenger, don't think this ad is for you, so no bother. Me, old, ugly, short and cruel. Disgustful? then send ur beautiful pic to mailbox: ADDRESS NOT COPIED FROM PAPER .with brief intro may as well.


mideast-transplant said...

so jon, are you going to send in your pic? haha, just kidding. that ad cracks me up! and i should introduce myself: this is martha (ben burrington's wife). i love spying in on your journal here; you have so many good stories. i'm crossing my fingers and saving pennies, hoping ben and i will be able to come to strings this summer and meet you! xo, m

Unknown said...

Hi Martha,

Many thanks for the message. Of course I sent my picture, who could resist?

It would be great to see you and Ben out here in June. It should be a wonderful if somewhat different Strings experience.

All the best and happy spying ;-)

J x