Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It seems my flat has some otherwise unknown Chinese form of insulation which can keep it at an even temperature for many days at a time. I don't generally have a great problem getting up in the morning but this morning I cringed and cowered in bed for two hours with my two jumpers wondering whether I could make a dash to get my wooly hat. A shivered sprint to the shower was followed by the worry that my ticker may not stand the sudden change in temperature and I'd be found some days later, a blue, slightly worried looking corpse.

I finally made it into clothes, wrapped up in as many layers as I could find ready to face the blizzard that I was sure would greet me outside. I stepped out the door braced to fight off the frostbite, only to be wrapped in a balmy summer's glow and a warm breeze that completely confused my still unthawed brain. It appears that they've cleverly constructed my flat from some form of icebox material. Now that the heating has been switched off the air in the apartment, cooled over the last few days of dropping temperatures has stayed in the same state despite the arrival of spring. So I sit here wrapped in hat and scarf in the knowledge that, though it's now almost nine, I would be warmer with my laptop in the street outside. C'est la vie.

Anyway, not a great deal to report of late so I shan't make up stuff just to fill the space. Hopefully a few more pictures and stories as my folks arrive laden with books and more goodies from back home.

I will however leave you with a photo from my departmental canteen. You can either spend 40p on a huge tray of extremely tasty food with rice, various Chinese breads, wraps and a potluck on animal parts or you can spend 30p and get hand pulled noodles.
These are drawn from the dough in an elaborate series of fast arm movements. thrown into a pot of broth and cooked for a minute. Then it's ladled into a bowl with meat, vegetables, spices and more broth to create a hugely filling, presumably healthy and very tasty meal. The noodle expert seemed very happy to have me take his picture:

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