Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've managed to track down some photos from Monday's bizarre afternoon. This is good for two reasons. First of all no doubt everyone will enjoy seeing me make a fool of myself and secondly because the less I type, the fewer spelling mistakes I'm likely to make and will avoid the embarrassment of my literary failings (see previous comments).

The crowds watching the proceedings:

Those with ages in multiples of 12 were awarded fluffy toy dogs:

Me playing the game which now makes a little more sense having seen the photos. First the obstacle course was there:

Then it wasn't, genius!

Of all those taking part in the game, I was voted the most something (still not sure what, you may guess) and consequently got to draw tickets in the lottery, picking myself as one of the winners...oops:

My poetry recital with suitable smarmy smile:

and finally a game of musical chairs for the professors:

Unfortunately no photos of grandparents cheering along to abusive rap yet, but will endeavor to find some.


Anonymous said...

That, my good fellow is fantastic! Nice one!! Great smarmy grin by the way, made all the better by the ginger beard!

Thanks for your email, much appreciated. Funny old time really, but... And I'll keep the TEFL books at home - the course I did? I guess it showed me that I could do teaching if I wanted to... So in other words, it taught me I didn't want to be a teacher. Useful stuff on planning, but to be honest you're a genius (apparently) so you'll be fine... As long as you don't focus on sppeling. Cheers mate.

Unknown said...

Many thanks,

Good to know about the tefl course and again I wish all the best.


I've met a few people I'd class as 'genius' over the last few years. People who truly towered above the rest of us intellectually. I happen to be doing a subject which is completely unfathomable to people who haven't studied it and pretty unfathomable to those who have. I'm also interested in learning as much as I can about many diverse things as possible. It's easy for me to baffle people with the work I do but those people who I'd class as genius are in a completely different game entirely. I work hard for what I do and there are some aspects of it which I'm good at. There are far more which I struggle with and muddle through as best as I can.

Anyway, all this silly talk of the g-word makes me feel even more ashamed thinking about those who I really would put in that category, those who could solve the trivial problem I'm tackling at the moment with a few second's thought.

Anyway...just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

musical chairs for the professors?!! Surely just a chance for them to sit on each others laps in the name of a game!!! By the way, looks like one of them had something hard in his pocket judging by the other guy's face...??!!!!! wheeliepops x

Unknown said...


I've no doubt. They were pretty dubious at first but as you can see, got into the spirit of it within a few seconds.